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Features humans need to survive a car crash

The body of Graham with his huge chest, inflated head, extra nipples and absence of a neck has been designed to survive a car crash.

Graham, who was created by Melbourne sculptor Patricia Piccinini, is part of the Victorian Government's new road safety campaign.

Piccinini drew from the knowledge of trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield and road safety engineer David Logan to build a body that could withstand a high-speed crash.

Graham's warped features, such as his huge chest and extra nipples which are meant to mimic air bags and protect his rib cage, highlight how vulnerable the human body is in car crashes.

His lack of neck rules out broken bones and whiplash, while his flat, fatty face is designed to protect his nose and ears.

The padded up chest with airbags between each rib protects his heart.

Graham also has thicker and tougher skin to shield and reduce abrasions and road rash.
But his bizarre features do not just protect him inside a car but help him if he is a pedestrian.
He has strong legs allowing him to jump out of the way of oncoming cars, and his knees bend in all directions to save him breaking his leg when hit by a car.