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Jobs for Sri Lankan sailors in Switzerland

Secretary of Ministry of Ports and Shipping Mr. L. P. Jayampathy claims that in the near future Sri Lankan sailors will get the opportunity to sail in Swiss flagged ships. 

With the presence of Director General, Mr. Ajith Seneviratne and Ambassador of Switzerland to Sri Lanka and the Maldives Mr. Heinz Walker – Nederkoon, the Memorandum of Mutual was signed at the Merchant Shipping Secretariat Office. Under the monitor of Hon. Minister of Ports and Shipping Mr. Arjuna Ranatunga, this agreement was signed. This is the first ever agreement signed regarding the subject of maritime between the two nations Sri Lanka and Switzerland.

International Maritime Organization is the organization which will introduce the areas in commercial seafarers training, certifications and the appointment of guards.

Sri Lanka is also a party to the International Maritime Organization. Therefore, the Merchant Shipping Secretary office of the Ministry of Ports and Shipping is responsible of holding the conventions of the International Maritime Organization in Sri Lanka. The issuing of all certifications to the Sri Lankan sailors is done by this company. 

However, the Director General of Merchant Shipping at the Secretariat Office Mr. Ajith Seneviratne said that when a Sri Lankan sailor is serving for a foreign ship the Sri Lankan certification is insufficient. Therefore, the necessity arises to obtain the ‘Certificate of Recognition’, which will be recognized by that ship’s specific nation. 

In order to obtain this Certificate of Recognition, MOU between the nations or pledge between the two nations should be constructed. Sri Lanka has already signed 29 such agreements. The arrangement with Switzerland is latest from all. When serving together with Swiss flagged ships, due to this agreement, the Ministry of Ports and Shipping confidently believe that in the near future that the country will receive a great deal of foreign income.