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Johnston and Mahindananda to be arrested

Johnston Fernando and Mahindananda Aluthgamage are to be arrested within days over several incidents of corruption and fraud that had reportedly taken place during the period they were ministers in the previous Rajapaksa regime, police headquarters sources say.

Both the CID and the FCID are investigating the serious charges against the duo.

Fernando stands accused over the setting fire to important documents of the CWE and giving state vehicles plus fuel worth more than Rs. 100,000 a month to his friends.

A leading UNP minister has requested prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to show some leniency towards Fernando.

The PM has refused to intervene, noting the law should be enforced to the letter against all those responsible for corruption.

President to meet SLFP MPs

Meanwhile, president Maithripala Sirisena has summoned all SLFP MPs to his official residence for a meeting at 5.00 pm today (25).

Most MPs had received the summons by yesterday, and they would attend the meeting, said joint opposition MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage.

When asked if the president would request them to halt the planned ‘Pada Yatra’ protest march from Kandy, Aluthgamage said he did not think the president would make such a request.

The march is being organized not with the aim of overthrowing the government, but against its traitorous acts towards the country and the UNP’s dictatorial journey, said the opposition MP.

The president has given the joint opposition the freedom to voice its opposition to acts against the people, he said.

If the government does not correct itself even thereafter, people will be made better organized to form a SLFP government, he added.