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Our aim is to create a prosperous life for SLPA employees – says SLPA Chairman

The Chairman of the Port Authority, Mr. Dammika Ranathunga stated that the new administration's main goal is to create pride about the employees’ job. He stated this at a gold coin presentation ceremony for retired employees of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. 

This ceremony was held this morning at the Sri Lanka Ports Authority Mahapola Training Institute. In his address, the Chairman of the Port Authority, Mr. Dammika Ranathunga further said that every employee should have a admiration for the port.

“The port needs talented individuals. Also, the employees must be directed to their jobs, considering on the skills of each individual. It’s the secret on the success of a company. For this secret success we are now to bring in some changes in the Ports Authority’s administration. Work well, by directing the employees who know their responsible duties, a success was achieved. 

I will give a message to the newly recruited employees as well. While thinking about the advancement and the development of the company you should treat your life well too. Therefore, at first you should work on a plan on how you are to spend on your expenses. Or else, it is impossible to have a successful life…”  Chairman, Mr. Dammika Ranathunga stated.

At today’s ceremony a number of 114 employees were gifted with gold coins. In the history of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority the administration felicitated the employees retired from SLPA. The main purpose of gifting these gold coins was to appreciate the services given by these employees to the Ports Authority. 

In addition Hon. Minister of Ports and Shipping Mr. Arjuna Ranathunga also said he wishes the Ports Authority employees who received these gold coins. He also added that he is expecting to bring the Sri Lanka Colombo Port among the top 20 ports in the world. Port Authority Operations Director Mr. Jayantha Perera, Port Authority Director of Information Systems Mr. Prasanna Lokuge, Port Authority Director of Defense Major General Nissanka Wijesinghe, Deputy Human Resources Manager Ms. S.H. Padmini also participated in this gold coin gifting ceremony.