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Students clash at Jaffna University

An internal clash had erupted between two groups of students at the University of Jaffna, resulting in hospitalization of some of them yesterday (16), Police sources said.

According to the Police, four students have been hospitalized following the incident. However none of them are in serious condition.

The incident had reportedly taken place yesterday, during a ceremony organized to welcome new batch of students to the university's science faculty.

Unconfirmed reports stated that two groups of students had ended up in an altercation following a disagreement regarding a performance item which was supposed to take place during the ceremony. It has also been reported that Police protection has been provided to the Jaffna University as well as to the hostels of the assaulted students.

Meanwhile the Science Faculty of the university, where the incident had taken place, was temporarily closed until further notice, while students of the faculty have been instructed to temporarily leave their respective hostels.

Kopay Police are conducting an investigation.