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FCID probes Namal’s foreign assets

The Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) informed the Additional Magistrate of Colombo Nishantha Pieris yesterday (22) that a special investigation has been launched into the foreign assets belonging to Member of Parliament Namal Rajapaksa.

The Police informed the Court that, this investigation is being launched based on facts that were revealed during an inquiry into suspect transactions carried out at the Share Market while Namal Rajapaksa was......a Member of Parliament previously, misusing his political powers.

Police also told the Court that investigations are being carried out according to the Money Laundering Act regarding N. R. Consultants and Gowers Corporate Services, which belonged to Namal Rajapaksa and the Directors of these companies.

Accordingly, investigations regarding the assets and liabilities, details of bank accounts and foreign assets the suspects possess are being carried out.

The Court was also told by the Police, that investigations were being conducted into transactions appearing in invoices of these companies and that action has been taken to call for detailed reported from foreign companies as well in connection with some of these transactions.

Police also informed the Court that, investigations are being continued into a person named Ahamed Al-Saman who is wanted.

The Court was informed that investigations were being carried out on how Namal Rajapaksa earned the Rs 50 million which he paid to purchase the private company N. R. Consultants and the Police said that because this particular individual has not presented himself for investigations; further investigative work has been obstructed.

The FCID also told the Court that they have a suspicion that this individual is not returning to this country due to the influence of the main suspect in this incident, Member of Parliament Namal Rajapaksa.