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Ranjan To Lodge Complaint With FCID Over Pada Yathra

Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake will lodge a complaint with the FCID requesting for an investigation on how the Joint Opposition found the finances to sponsor the recently concluded Pada Yathra.

According to Ramanayake, the cost for the first day of the walk on July 28 alone was a staggering Rs. 18 million. “I have proof that they spent Rs. 18 million on the first day,” Ramanayake told a news conference in Colombo.

He accused the joint opposition of trying to split the SLFP in their effort to safeguard their corrupt practices. He also called on the media to question these MPs about their corrupt practices.

The Pada Yathra which concluded yesterday evening in Colombo at the Lipton Circus, resulted in severe traffic congestion in and around Colombo severely inconveniencing the public. According to eye witness accounts, the protestors who took part in the Pada Yathra from Peradeniya, was seen thronging liquor stores to purchase liquor, whenever the protest march passed an outlet selling alcohol.

Various government ministers accused the joint opposition of buying the participants who took part in the protest march for a bottle of arrack and a lunch packet.