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Tillakerathne Dilshan a game changing cricket player

Hon. Minister of Ports and Shipping Mr. Arjuna Ranatunga also the Former Test Cricket Captain states that Tillakerathne Dilshan is a game changing cricket player. The Minister stated this appreciating the great service done for cricket by the Tillakerathne Dilshan who initially announced today that he is retiring from international cricket.

“We shouldn’t forget the commitments that Tillakerathne Dilshan made as a sportsman. He began his cricket career as a middle order batsman. Similarly he is a skillful fielder. 

Afterwards he served as an opening batsman. Serving as an opening batsman is the most difficult task a player would have to face. However Tillakerathne Dilshan completed this task well. Tillakerathne Dilshan is really a game changing player. 

While he was capable of winning One-day matches he was also cable of winning Twenty Twenty matches as well. In addition Sri Lankan Cricket team was able of qualifying to the World Cup finals because of Tillakerathne Dilshan.

Today the Dilscoop shot which was introduced by Tillakerathne Dilshan is a significant shot at the Twenty Twenty matches. I personally do not appreciate this shot. However Dilshan made a change in the cricket field by introducing this shot. Correspondingly like Sanath, Murali, Kalu, Dilshan too kept a marked a major legend in the cricket field. 

Introducing a shot or batting is not what’s important. What’s really important is gaining scores from this batting. From this area Dilshan is very special. As a bowler he was an intelligent bowler. One of the best fielders we had in our cricket team. He was one of the best batsmen we had. In addition he was one of the best wicket keepers. 

He was one of a kind all-rounder cricketer. Therefore, hence the duty that Tillakerathne Dilshan did for the team is exceptional. I wish him all the very best. Anyhow I believe that he will continue to support cricket as a couch or as an administrator for Sri Lanka…” Former Test Cricket Captain Arjuna Ranqatunga stated.