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Veteran Actor Vijaya Nandasiri passes away

Veteran Actor Vijaya Nandasiri, who played the main role in several Sinhala movies and Tele dramas passed away this morning at the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital.

He was 72 years of age at the time of his passing away.
He has had a varied career beginning in theater and extending into film as a dramatic actor; his most recent roles have been steeped in comedy and include credits in Sinhala sitcoms.
Nandasiri was briefly a catering officer at the Katunayake Airport in the late-60s as his acting career developed.

Over the next years he played the character of king Maname in a drama, and appeared in Singha Bhahu, Mahasara and Ratnawalee. 

Nandasiri finally achieved fame in 1971 in the play Ran Kanda. Nandasiri is married to actress Devika Mihirani. They met on the set of Subha Saha Yasa in 1974, and have two children, Navanjana and Rasanjana Suchitra.