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Yoshitha Rajapaksa taken to Police following a fist fight

MR’s navy son Yoshitha Rajapaksa and a few other rogues of his Rugby Sports Club have been brought to the Kurunduwatta Police Station for assaulting a rugby player of Kandy Rugby Sports Club. 

Reportedly, Yoshitha’s crony Dhanushka Perera alias ‘Ghathaya’ has inhumanly assaulted a Kandy Sports Club player named Farook after saying that this time, Super 7’s Rugby tournament is being held in a better way than on the previous occasion. 

As soon as it got the news, the Kurunduwatta Police had come and picked the clan of rogues including Yoshitha, and as the latest development of the incident the Rajapaksa senior is said to be resorting to the PM regarding the matter.