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Bonus for Port Authority Workers

Arjuna Ranatunga
Sri Lanka Port Authority has decided to grant bonus premium without any changes to all the Port workers in December 2016. SLPA stated that this decision was made in the monthly progress meeting based on the advice of Hon. Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga.

Sri Lanka Ports Authority pays its bonus in two premiums, in April and December. Accordingly, a single worker was paid Rs.30,088.00 in 2015 as a one premium. SLPA paid Rs.25,943.00 for a single worker as the April premium of this year. 

There by the balance amount of money relating to the premium paid as a special bonus for all the workers. However, SLPA stated that the December premium of this year won’t be subjected to any changes. Sri Lanka Ports Authority has announced that the amount of bonus paid in the last year as the December premium Rs.30,088.00 will be paid in this year as well. Hon. Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga stated that these decisions were made to appreciate the performance of the Port workers in this year.       

Bonus for SLPA workers are based on the profit of Sri Lanka Ports Authority. There by in the progress meeting of the SLPA was probed up to this season. At this meeting officials of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority emphasized that productivity of Port Workers have been enhanced to a good extent. Considering these facts Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga advised to pay the Bonus premium for December similarly to the last year, 2015.

 “In this meeting we identified that Trincomalee harbour has been earning profits for the first time in the recent period of time. We recognized that annual profit of the Galle Port has been doubled. We have been enhanced the productivity of the Colombo Port also able to solve the conflicts of the workers to a great extent which occurred in the recent period and we have provided the required facilities to all port workers. All the stake holders of this institution have understood the impact of the contempt on this institution and the loss due to the activities of few trade union leaders. Today our workers have been dedicated to work. Industrial peace has been conquered the sites, owing to that productivity has increased. 

Therefore, by taking all these facts in to consideration Director Board led by the Chairman of SLPA recommended to pay the bonus similar to the last year. But conflicts in the Sri Lanka Ports Authority haven’t been solved. Especially Colombo Port contributes in large scale to pay debt regarding Hambantota Port. Workers are carrying out operations with old equipment. They are facing many difficulties. During the last decade there hasn’t been any investment on these and new equipments have not been purchased. Even at these conditions we decided to pay the bonus because of the commitment and the performance by the workers”, said Hon. Minister Arujuna Ranatunga.