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Bridegroom dies after wedding Due to a heart attack

The phrase man proposes, God disposes came true for a newly married couple who had a grand wedding at a hotel in the bride’s village of Hakmana on October 6.

After much fanfare and rejoicing, the couple left on their honeymoon to the bridegroom’s native area in Kurunegala in a specially appointed car but before they could reach their destination, the bridegroom developed a heart attack and died on the way somewhere near Avissawella around 8.30 p.m. the same day.

The bridegroom was identified as P.A. Isusru Samptah Ranatunge, 25, of Ibbagamuwa.

The bride Dinesha Sandamalie confided that she knew that her husband was sick because on the way, he leaned his head on her shoulders saying he was fatigued. She alerted the driver of the vehicle about it and soon they rushed him to the Avissawella Hospital but he was pronounced dead on admission.

The hospital JMO who held the autopsy, reported that death was caused due to a heart attack due to a complication resulting from excessive fatigue, Isuru Sampath’s father P.A. Ranatunge said.

Ranatunge said the JMO had mentioned that Isuru’s body parts had been sent for a government analyst report.

Isuru’s aunt M.K. Saumyalatha was all tears on hearing of his death. She said Isuru had organised a grand homecoming on October 8 and invited a large number of his relations and friends but it was not to be.

Isuru who worked in a private institution in Kurunegala had been chosen as the most outstanding employee twice and won two foreign trips. He was also a member of the Youth Parliament in 2015.
Isusru Samptah  Ibbagamuwa Bridegroom dies
Isusru Samptah  Ibbagamuwa Bridegroom dies