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Daughter accused of Neglecting Mother

84  Woman locked in Poultry shed
An eighty four year old woman who had been locked up in a poultry shed behind a house in Wanni Kudawewa, in Kudawewa was found by the Galgamuwa Police yesterday. Police had taken her daughter into custody on suspicion.

The woman had been locked up in an abandoned poultry shed about twenty feet away from the suspect's house. When police raided the place they had found the woman seated on a plastic chair, a police spokesperson said.

Police sources said that the thatched roof of the poultry shed had decayed and plastic sheets had been laid over them. The poultry shed was constructed of iron mesh. The woman had also been compelled to use the shed as a lavatory: as a result the place had a nauseating smell.

The daughter had admitted that she chained her mother at night to prevent her from wandering about and falling. Police had also found a bed without a mattress or pillows as the aged woman was hunchbacked and could not straighten her back. The daughter had told the police that her mother had been given medical treatment twenty years ago. The daughter was residing in a house with four rooms and a tiled roof.

The police had straightaway admitted the woman, N.M.H. Umma, to the Galgamuwa base hospital. The daughter was taken into custody on suspicion and is to be produced in court. (Lanka Hot News) Sinhala Edition Click Here