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Independent commissions should be devoid of political agendas

President Maithripala Sirisena says the independent commissions have been established to strengthen freedom, democracy and human rights in the country. 

They should refrain from political agendas and work hard to establish a country free of corruption and malpractices.   There is an accepted procedure to investigate complaints and the law should be equal for all.
The President made these observation at a ceremony held in Colombo to distribute housing and land deeds to war hero families.

The President further said that members of three armed forces should not be exploited to gain political mileage. He stressed that he did not leave room to weaken the security forces or to discredit war heroes. As the defence minister he does not agree with the recent procedure that took former defence secretary and three former navy commanders before courts. The President is totally against in influencing the judiciary, independent commissions and judges.

The President said he will never order to set free the political supports who are suspected of severe crimes such as rape and robberies.   The President stressed his commitment to protect democracy and the rights of the people.  The President pointed out that he is ready to give up powers at any times.