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Inflation accelerates to 4.7-pct in September

Inflation accelerates
Sri Lanka’s consumer prices as measured by National Consumer Price Index rose to 4.7 percent in September from the 4.5 percent reported a month ago, data from the state statistics office showed.

In September contribution to the inflation from food group was 2.1 percent while non-food group was 2.7 percent.The index has been calculated as 113.5 for September 2016 and it shows an increase of 0.2 index points to the previous month’s index of 113.3.

This monthly change is due to the increase of expenditure value of food items by 0.07 percent and increase of expenditure value of non-food items by 0.18 percent.

The expenditure value of food commodity group has increased by 0.07 percent in September 2016 compared to August 2016.

The expenditure value of non food commodity group has increased by 0.18 percent in September against August. (LBO)