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Kosgoda Albino turtle’s body parts found in well

albino turtle kosgoda
A special team from the Colombo Crime Division (CCD) has been able to find the missing body parts of an albino turtle, which was reportedly gone missing in December 2013 from the Kosgoda Turtle Conservation Centre. 

The body parts were found inside a dilapidated well in the Dikwella area on October 29, the Police said. The Police was tipped off by one of the suspects, who had been arrested. The suspect had confessed to the Police that after stealing the albino turtle, it was shown to a provincial politician.
He also had said that after that it was placed in a cage and hidden in the sea in the Dikwella area, with the help of a diver.

However, the death of the albino turtle occurred due to it not receiving proper living conditions. But the politician did not believe it and ordered them to show him the dead body of the turtle. Therefore, after showing him the dead body, it was dumped into a dilapidated well in the area, the investigations revealed.

The diver who helped to place the turtle's cage in the sea was arrested and was expected to be produced in the Balapitiya Magistrate's Court. Investigations have been launched to arrest the provincial politician. However, he is said to be missing from the area.