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Navy recovers LTTE destroyed Valampuri after 16 years

The wreckage of a Navy passenger ferry Valampuri, that had been sunk by a suicide LTTE boat in 1998, was located by the Navy in the seas off Point Pedro on Monday.

Following information received from a civilian diver, a team of  Navy divers located the wreckage at a depth of 15 metres, eight nautical miles north of Point Pedro.

‘Valampuri’ was destroyed in an LTTE suicide boat attack on February 23, 1998 when the vessel was returning from Trincomalee. Twenty Navy personal died in the attack. Attempts to search the vessel were not successful due to rough sea conditions and the security conditions that prevailed during the time. The wreck has been lying on the sea bed for years and one fifth of keel is buried under the sand.

It has also been covered completely with a distinct level of marine growth and also a fish breeding ground.