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Police arrest two Members of 'Aava' gang in Jaffna

 'Aava' gang in Jaffna
Sri Lanka Police have arrested two suspected members of the 'Aava' sword gang in Jaffna earlier yesterday.

The Jaffna Police said two people suspected to be the members of sword carrying 'Aava' gang were arrested while they were traveling on a motorcycle along a by-road in Jaffna. Two swords in their possession were also seized, the police said.

The suspects have claimed the swords were used for practices of a drama but the Police say swords were larger and not the 'prop' kind used for dramas.

The police say the swords were quite similar to the ones discovered in several locations in Jaffna in searches during the last week.

The Jaffna police are on alert after two police detectives were attacked last week with swords in Chunnakam by sword wielding masked individuals on motorcycles.

The 'Aava' gang claimed responsibility to the assault on two policemen saying that they attacked the policemen to avenge the death of two Jaffna University students on October 21.

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