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Suspects in Mattakkuliya shooting identified

 Mattakkuliya shooting
The Colombo Crime Division (CCD)yesterday said they have identified the suspects involved in Sunday’s shooting incident at Samithpura, Mattakkuliya.

“The shooting apparently surged over an personal feud between two underworld operatives involved in heroin smuggling and other criminal activities,” CCD investigators revealed.
Those who died in the incident were Nuwan Sanjeewa Perera alias Chuti Ukkuwa (29), one believed to be his brother Prasad Chthuranga Perera (24), Denuwan (26) and Mohammed Husain Mohammed Nassar (29).

“They had died of gun shots wounds. Three shooting victims are currently receiving treatment at the Colombo National Hospital. One of them is in critical condition, Colombo National Hospital,” Director Dr Anil Jayasinghe said.

“The shooting had occurred at around 7.30 p.m. on Sunday. The suspects had fired shots at them with a T56 rifle or rifles and a 9 mm pistol,” police said.

After participating in a game of Elle at the Samithpura playground, the victims Nuwan Sanjeewa Perera, and his men were driving in their car down the road passing their rival Kudu Roshan’s residence. Kudu Roshan and his gang had allegedly opened fire at the car just as it was passing their place.

The wounded were taken in the same vehicle to the Colombo National Hospital.

CCD said the deceased Sanjeewa Perera had allegedly killed Kudu Roshan’s father about three years ago by cutting him.

After about six months, Kudu Roshan is said to have killed Sanjeewa’s mother.

“The victims and the suspects live in the same area. A search is on to arrest the suspects,” CCD sources said.