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Ten Girls found intoxicated in school

Girls found intoxicated
Ten GCE O/L students of a girls' school, in the Southern Province, were suspended from classes for a week after they were found to have been intoxicated on World Children's Day.

They are said to have consumed 13 cans of beer between them in a Grade 11 class of the school and played havoc.

The Disciplinary Division of the Southern Province Education Department said the students had played havoc in the classroom after consuming the beer and even though the Principal had tried hard to cover up the incident, teachers and parents had complained to the Disciplinary Division and subsequent to investigations, the 10 students had been suspended.

Investigations were carried out based on a complaint lodged with the Southern Province Education Ministry by teachers and parents of the school. The ban came into effect on 17 October following investigations carried out by the school's disciplinary committee.

The students are said to have obtained the beer on 1 October from a club in Ambalangoda. and while consuming the beer at about 10.30 in the morning in a Grade 11 Class, one of the students in an intoxicated state had dropped the can of beer she had been drinking and it is said that the entire class room was smelling of beer.

A teacher who had gone to the class and found the girls intoxicated had reported them to the Principal but was berated by the latter.