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After almost 68 years: Rare " Supermoon " tomorrow

Skywatchers will be able to gaze upon the biggest and brightest "supermoon" in almost 68 years, tomorrow (Monday).

The full moon on this day will feature the closest full moon until November 25, 2034.

On November 14, at perigee, the moon can come as close as 356,509 km to earth. On average, the distance from earth to the moon is 384,400 km. A perigee full moon can be as much as 14% larger and 30% brighter than the full moon at apogee.

The point when the moon is closest to the earth each month is called perigee and the point when it swings farthest away is called apogee.

When the full moon falls on the same day as the perigee, the moon in the sky appears larger and brighter than usual, creating a "Supermoon".

"There are three full moons in 2016 that meet the definition of a "Supermoon" – October, November and December. But the November 14 full moon is the most superior," the Colombo planetarium said.

This natural phenomenon can be observed around 7.30 pm on November 14.