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Assault on Dharmaraja College student : Four arrested

Four ‘old boys’ arrested over assault on student in Kandy
Four persons have been arrested by police over the assault on a student opposite a popular boys’ school in Kandy, an incident which went viral on social media recently after being captured on a CCTV camera.

All four arrested suspects are former pupils of the same school.

According to reports, the assault victim had previously been warned by a school Prefect, a Grade 13 student, to cut his hair as it had grown too long. However, the student had reacted angrily to this warning and had proceeded to attack the Prefect.

The Prefect had related this incident to several of his friends, who had recently left school after completing studies. These past pupils of the school had waited till school was over and assaulted the student in question as he was heading home.

This incident was recorded on a nearby CCTV camera and the video had been uploaded on the internet. It immediately went viral on social media websites such as Facebook.

The arrested individuals are to be produced before a court.