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Country indebted to maestro Amaradeva: President

maestro Amaradeva: President
The nation is stricken by the news of the demise of maestro W.D.Amaradeva; he was an unparalleled genius in music that we witnessed, President Maithripala Sirisena said in a condolence message on the death of Pandit W.D. Amaradeva.

The message read as follows:

'Maestro Amaradeva belonged to the generation of pioneers, whose quest was the Sri Lankan identity and the indigenous character.

The country is indebted to him for the exceptional service he rendered to us by exploring the roots of local music to enrich it to an unprecedented high.

Maestro Amaradeva reached the pinnacle of Sinhala music and brought fame to our nation. He was a true genius, blessed with innate wisdom refined in the school of life and perfected by the association of scholars of language, the arts and philosophy. Above all, his was the voice of the deep seated Sinhala cultural self.

The two songs Sasara Wasana Thuru and Rathnadeepa Janma Bhumi suffice to distinguish the eminence of maestro Amaradeva. Though he has left us today after his magnificent contribution to the nation, the aura of his oeuvre will kindle and inspire us for ever.

He was also the embodiment of simplicity and containment in life. Although the voice that awakened the nation has been silenced today, it will continue to echo in the ears and infuse life into the hearts of the future generations too.

Maestro Amaradeva may you attain the bliss of Nibbana.'