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Crocodile enters ATM Enclosure

A crocodile had entered the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) enclosure of the Eastern University on Monday night (21).

The students, who had gone to withdraw money from the ATM, located in the University premises, had found the crocodile inside the ATM enclosure and alerted the Security men on duty at that time.

Later, the Police arrived at the scene and caught the crocodile with the help of the students and released it into the nearby lagoon, sources said. Informed sources said since the Batticaloa is the region surrounded by lagoons, the crocodiles are coming out of the lagoon waters due to the heavy monsoon in the Eastern Province.

The Batticaloa lagoon fishermen had also earlier pointed out that their livelihood has been affected due to the movements of crocodiles as a result of lagoons in the area flooding. (PA)