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Donald Trump Wins US Presidency

Donald Trump elected president of the United States
Republican Donald Trump has defeated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the US election, according to foreign media reports, and will become America’s next president.

US networks are reporting Hillary Clinton has phoned Donald Trump to concede she has lost the election.

Trump claimed victory before a crowd of cheering supporters at his New York headquarters.

He moved on to thank his family and friends. “First I want to thank my parents, who I know are looking down on me right now. Great people. I’ve learned so much from them. They were wonderful in every regard. I had truly great parents.”

He also thanks his siblings, Mary-Ann and Elizabeth, Robert, and his late brother Frederick.

“To Melania and Don and Ivanka, and Eric, and Tiffany, and Baron: I love you, and I thank you and especially for putting up with all of those hours.

“This was tough. This was tough. This political stuff is nasty and it’s tough. So I want to thank my family very much. Really fantastic. Thank you all. Thank you all.”

Donald Trump says “we have a great economic plan”.

“We will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world. At the same time we will get along with all other nations, willing to get along with us,” he said.

“We will have great relationships. We expect to have great, great relationships. No dream is too big, no challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. America will no longer settle for anything less than the best.”

“We must reclaim our country - our country’s destiny. And dream big and bold and daring.”

Donald Trump says he will take care of America’s war veterans:

“We will also finally take care of our great veterans. They’ve been so loyal and I’ve gotten to know so many over this 18-month journey. The time I’ve spent with them during this campaign has been among my greatest honours. Our veterans are incredible people.

“We will embark upon a project of national growth and renewal. I will harness the creative talents of our people and we will call upon the best and brightest to leverage their tremendous talent for the benefit of all. It’s going to happen.”

Trump: ”I’ve spent my entire life and business looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. That is now what I want to do for our country,” he said.

“I’ve gotten to know our country so well. Tremendous potential. It’s going to be a beautiful thing.”

“Every single American will have the opportunity to realise his or her fullest potential. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”

Both candidates had early victories but Mr Trump picked up the key battleground states of Ohio, Florida and North Carolina.

Mrs Clinton will not be speaking publicly this evening.
Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta told a room full of supporters at Clinton’s election rally in New York to go home.
“Several states are too close to call so we’re not going to have anything more to say tonight,” he said.
“You should get some sleep. We’ll have more to say tomorrow,” Mr Podesta said.
While Green has called it for the Republican, some US media outlets are yet to announce a Trump win.

“There are the current numbers, 259 for the Republicans, if you give Pennsylvania the Republicans, 279 and they can quote that,” Green said on ABC24.

“We think the Republicans will win Wisconsin as well. So they’ve got two paths. But Associated Press have given Pennsylvania away and they’ve got 97 per cent of the votes counted of the precincts counted in Pennsylvania and the Republicans are more than 1 per cent ahead.

“It looks like that’s the state that’s put Donald Trump over the quota and into the White House.”

Predictions say the GOP will also hold onto a majority in the House and gain control of the Senate.

The shock result came after opinion polls over the weekend showed Mrs Clinton went into polling day with the advantage over her Republican rival.

Clinton supporters in shock
North America correspondent Stephanie March is at Hillary Clinton’s headquarters in New York where supporters are visibly devastated.
“Hillary Clinton and her supporters had hoped to make history today by electing the first female president in the United States,” she said.
“Heading into election day polls had pointed to a victory for the Democrats nominee but losses key states south eastern of in Florida and North Carolina significantly narrowed her path to victory.”

Washington bureau chief Zoe Daniel is also at the headquarters:

“People have literally sat around in this venue on the floor, staring into space, some people are in tears. People are hugging each other,” Ms Daniel said.

“There’s just a sense of pervasive shock. Not only that Hillary Clinton appears to have lost the election, but that it has been such a complete and utter rout”.

Mrs Clinton had a lead in Florida of one percentage point and a win there would likely have secured her the presidency.

But Mr Trump enjoyed a swing in the state, winning it back from the Democrats.

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