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Investigation on Private TV channel illegal conduct

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The Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media Ministry has commenced an immediate investigation into the unethical and illegal conduct of a private television channel, the Ministry said in a communique yesterday.

It said the private TV channel had been misusing media freedom and also violating the conditions of its licence.

“The ministry conducted an independent investigation into a complaint that this private channel in its news bulletin distorted the speech made by President Maithripala Sirisena at “Sathviru Sanhinda” ceremony at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute on October 12. The committee involved in the investigation concluded that the speech had been edited in a manner that distort its meaning. Therefore, we informed of this decision to that channel prior to taking any action,” it stated.

“Instead of sending a reply letter, this media organisation launched a massive campaign through its TV channel, radio channel, website, and social media pages insulting the Ministry, government and personally to me while publishing this letter,” it added.