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Mouse in Keells Super supermarket goes viral

Mouse in Keells Super supermarket goes viral
Video footage showing a mouse trapped in meat and sea food cold storage had gone viral on social media yesterday (20).

This was recorded at a well known supermarket in Colombo. Video footage shows the mouse running all over the stacks of meat and seafood stocked in the cold storage display.

Speaking to Media, media and publicity director of the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection said, 

"These are the bad standards maintained in most of the supermarkets in the country. There are very clear guidelines stipulated for storing cold and dry food. The traders are expected to honour them at all times. But these guidelines are not honoured by most of the supermarkets around the country. The Public Health Inspectors should carryout random inspections to bring these outlets to justice. Had this occurred at a small shop, the story would have been completely different. Mouse droppings and contamination causes serious health complications to human life. This is a serious issue and the authorities should take appropriate action to investigate and take prompt legal action."