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Police Probe girls’ Vaccination incident in Rajangana

Police Probe girls’ Vaccination incident in Rajangana
Rajangana Police are conducting investigations into an incident where three school girls attached to Rajangana Sri Rahula Vidyalaya had fainted after a vaccine administered by an unidentified group who arrived at the school recently.

Two of the girls were admitted to the Rajangana Hospital and later transferred to the Tambuttegama Hospital by the parents.

Police said the persons who gave the vaccine was still unknown since no doctor, PHI or any other health officers had visited the school on that particular day.

They received information regarding the other girl who had also been given the vaccine the following day.

The girls in their statement to Police had said two women dressed in nurses uniform caught them in the school compound and administered them a vaccine and when they went home, they fainted and related the encounter they had in school to the parents who admitted them to hospital.

Police said the two girls were referred to the Anuradhpura Hospital JMO for examination and report.

The medical report is due tomorrow. The Rajangana JMO said there was no official vaccination programme undertaken in schools in the area.
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