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Prime Minister Ranil On CB bond issue Probe

Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe
Immediate investigations conducted into the alleged Central Bank bond issue reiterated the Yahapalana government’s commitment to ensures the Rule of Law is maintained in this country, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said.

The Prime Minister said the present government is committed to strengthen the pillars of good governance, unlike the last regime which should have begged for pardon from the public for allowing the rulers of that past regime to be above the law. The Prime Minister was speaking at a ceremony to present the appointment letter to Regional Development Minister Field Marshel Sarath Fonseka, as the Kelaniya UNP Chief Organiser.

“Some former rulers find fault for the investigations being carried out in to their alleged corrupt activities calling it political vendetta. But, the politicians make a big fuss over the CB bond issue,” the Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said.

“If I am to appear before the Bribery Commission regarding the CB bond issue, I would gladly do that. There are no implied meanings behind such an act,”he said.

“Some persons who were summoned before the Bribery Commission have said that it is a disrespect to Buddhism. This statement is totally incomprehensible,” the Prime Minister said.

What has religion got to do with anybody appearing before the Bribery Commission?,” the Prime Minister questioned.

“Members of the previous regime act as if the Yahapalana government pays less attention to the welfare of the soldiers. But, these are the very people who unfairly imprisoned Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka on personal revenge. That is how the previous regime showed their concern for the soldiers,” he said. “This government is dedicated to strengthening good governance and ensuring that Rule of Law prevails in the country,” Prime Minister Wickremesinghe assured.