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Three wives claim Body of accident victim

Three wives claim Body of accident victim body of dead husband
Gampaha Police Station witnessed high drama on Tuesday after three women fought each other to claim the body of a man. The man had died in a road accident.

The three women, each claiming to be the deceased’s wife, demanded exclusive rights to cremate the body and be entitled to the benefits as the rightful survivor of the deceased. The three women had two children each between them and the dead man.

He was killed in a motorcycle accident on Sunday night after the motorcycle hit a lamppost on the Gampaha – Kirindiwala road. The deceased was under the influence of liquor at the time. The accident had taken place at around 11.30 p.m., police said.

Gampaha Police HQI CI A.W.A. Gaffar said the three women, one from Rambukkana aged 40, one from Adagaspitiya, Gampaha aged 25 and the other from Deraniyagala came to the station to claim the body of the 44-year-old man.

“We were forced to take them to the Gampaha Magistrate’s Court over their claims that the deceased was their husband and the fact that they presented marriage certificates and had six children who they said were the children of the deceased,” said HQI Gaffar.

The drama took a new turn at the Courts when one of the wives, the second one , had pleaded that she should have the body for at least two or three hours, the third wife announcing that she would not accept it and the first wife requesting full custody of the body.

Gampaha Additional Magistrate G.L. Kannangara ordered the two women to discuss and reach a settlement with regard to the disposal of the body and asked them to appear before Court to reveal their conclusion.

Asked what would be the fate of the children with regard to legal benefits that they may be entitled to as survivors of the deceased, HQI Gaffar said: “The way I see it, the first marriage is going to be valid and the other two will be declared invalid.

“Since the children are involved, as survivors of the deceased, the affected parties can file a lawsuit to claim benefits on their behalf.”
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