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Two year-old girl left in three-wheeler

A two-year-old girl was found crying in a back seat of a three-wheeler at a carnival at the Sri Pada Vidyalaya ground. The owner of the three wheeler found the girl in the morning and had taken the child to the Hatton police.

The police had made an announcement at the carnival ground about the lost girl but nobody had responded.

Around midnight, the girl’s mother and some relatives had come to the Hatton police looking for the child. They said the child's aunt had left the little girl in the back seat of a three-wheeler to sleep and gone back to the carnival.

On her return, the aunt had found the three-wheeler gone. Agitated, the aunt had then contacted the child’s mother.

The Hatton Police OIC cautioned the parents to be more concerned and responsible of their child. The Police and the parents extended their gratitude to Sunil Silva for bringing the child to the Police station.