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AAVA Group strikes again in Jaffna

The Jaffna Police have begun investigations into an incident where the 'AAVA Group' is alleged to have thrown a petrol bomb at a trade stall situated at Sarasavi Street in Nallur on 30 January.

According to the Police, the AAVA Group members, besides having hurled the petrol bomb, had also attacked two persons in the street with sharp weapons.

Police said the attack had been carried out in the style of stunt scenes witnessed in South Indian movies. The incident had taken place in the night.

Police stated that the attack has also been captured on CCTV cameras installed at the said street.

Police said the attackers, who wore masks, had arrived on motorcycles.

The trade stall had been badly damaged in the petrol bomb explosion, while the injured persons had been admitted to the Jaffna Hospital.

The fire which had engulfed the trade stall had been doused with the help of the Jaffna Urban Council fire brigade.