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MIG deal will expose Gota: Rajitha

Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said that the investigation into the controversial MIG aircraft deal will expose the former Defence Secretary.

Dr. Senaratne said the former Defence Secretary was always depicted as a patriotic person and added that the country will come to know about his patriotism when the MIG probe comes to a conclusion. According to the minister, unlike during the previous regime, the present government investigates corruption and malpractices according to the law and action against culprits will be taken according to the law.

The President and the Prime Minister are conducting two separate investigations into the Central Bank bond issue and the culprits will be punished according to the law if proved guilty, he told a ‘Suwasara Suwaundana’ mobile health camp in Galle.

Minister Dr. Senaratne pointed out that even though the people talk about the Rs. 10,000 million bond issue, the COPE has uncovered corruption amounting to Rs. 330,000 million during the previous regime.

He said although the current government had launched probes on the bond issue, the previous government did not do anything to investigate deals of massive corruption revealed during that time. The government is ready to face the 2020 election. Some recently spoke about the Navy Commander attacking a journalist but the previous Navy Commander made a youth disappear and no one spoke about it, he said. The Maha Sangha is saying that the COL is very high but no one remembers how this government gave relief to the people by increasing public servants’ salaries by Rs. 10,000, reducing the price of fuel by Rs. 48 and reducing the price of kerosene oil to Rs. 55. Media freedom exists today, he added.