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New species of mosquito in Lanka

While the World Health Organization (WHO) has named Sri Lanka as a country that has completely eradicated Malaria, a new species of mosquito which is much harder to eradicate has been detected, Anti Malaria Campaign Director, Dr. Hemantha Herath said. 

This specie has been detected in wells in the Pesalai Talaimannar Islet, and the scientific term for this mosquito is Anopheles Stephens.
This mosquito is the main carrier of malaria in India, and initially it was detected in North India. But this specie spread to South India within a short period of time and therefore, there is a possibility of this specie spreading to other parts of Sri Lanka.

This new mosquito larvae were brought to Colombo from Pesalai and was subjected to research in the laboratory. The detection was made with the assistance of the most senior larvae scientist of India Dr. Nathpal, Herath pointed out Simultaneously with the detection of this mosquito specie, country-wide campaign has been inaugurated to combat the threat, Dr. Herath further said.