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Cold weather claims three Sri Pada pilgrims

The biting cold conditions prevailing in Sri Pada and its Nallathanniya access road claimed the lives of three Sri Pada pilgrims during the trek on February 10, Navam Poya night. 

They were identified as S.V.E. Siriyawathie, 65, of Medakoratuwa Devinuwara, Hewage Chandrasena, 64, of Tittakatupahana, Kamburupitiya and Kithsiri Fernando, 50, of Moratuwa.

One of them had died near the Makara Thorana and the other two fell ill at Gangulatenna and Nallathanniya died on the way as they were being taken to Makeliya Hospital.

Maskeliya Hospital JMO, Dr. R.M.LLiyadipitiya who held the post-mortem examination reported that the deaths were caused due to heart failure.

The inquirer into sudden deaths, Narasinghe Perumal recorded a verdict of death due to natural causes.