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Country heading for trade union turmoil

The country is heading for a series of strikes and other trade union action in the coming weeks over privatising of education and other government ventures, trade union sources said.

There would be demonstrations, token strikes and agitation campaigns by various unions in the next couple of weeks at various places throughout the country, they said adding that the people would have to undergo various difficulties and the government should act fast to provide solutions for the problems that unions have already forwarded to them if it wants to avoid people facing hardships.

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) is planning to summon all doctors countrywide to Colombo for a convention to discuss their next course of action against legalizing the medical degree programme offered for money by the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine in Malabe.

The GMOA has warned that they would act on the decisions taken at the convention against selling of medical degrees.

Other trade unions have said that their actions would most probably be concurrent with the doctors’ agitation against the SAITM and stated that they would not turn back till they win their demands against the privatizing spree and solutions for the problems prevailing in their professions.