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Hospital sued for Rs. 100 m damages

The Central Hospital Ltd. in Colombo is being accused of negligence after a mother discovered that a piece of gauze was left inside her abdomen after she delivered her second child following a cesarean operation and filed a lawsuit in the Colombo District Court claiming Rs. 100 million as damages for alleged medical negligence. M.C.T.D. Perera, 23, a resident of Kelaniya gave birth to her second child on January 3, 2016 but she remained in pain even after she was discharged from hospital.

Thereafter, the plaintiff brought the matter to the attention of the gynecologist and obstetrician who performed the surgery.

She claimed without being subjected to a proper medical examination, the gynecologist provided her with antibiotics. However, the plaintiff claimed despite using the antibiotics for several days, her pains persisted.

The plaintiff stated that thereafter she was admitted to Asiri Surgical Hospital on April 1, 2016 and discovered a piece of gauze lodged in her abdomen and the situation had developed into a cyst in the intestine.The plaintiff further stated that owing to this tragic situation, the medical practitioner who performed a second surgery had to remove a part of intestine to remove the cyst and she maintained that she was subjected to a life threatening situation. She further alleged that owing to this tragic situation, she was unable to breastfeed her baby.

She said she had to spend a large sum for medical treatment and pleaded court that action be taken to claim damages from the hospital and the consultant.

In this lawsuit, the plaintiff had cited Central Hospital and a well known gynecologist as defendants.