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No Trade Union action Over incident involving Ranjan

The Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association (SLASA) will not participate in a trade union action over the recent incident involving Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake and the Divulapitiya Divisional Secretary.

Association Secretary Sunil Galagama told yesterday that a special meeting was convened to discuss the matter on Friday and it was decided not to rush into any trade union action considering the inconvenience the people could face.

“The President, Prime Minister, Public Administration Minister and Home Affairs Minister talked to our representatives over this incident and expressed their regret. However, Deputy Minister Ramanayake is yet to make an apology. He has now made a complaint at the Bribery Commission against the Divulapitiya DS,” he said.

“We decided to await the outcome of the investigations into this complaint. If she was acquitted from all charges then an apology is due from the Deputy Minister. At the same time, if she wishes to proceed to take legal action against Ramanayake, then our Association is ready to support her,” Galagama said.

He also defended the Divulapitiya DS stating that she has acted within her ambit on the written complaints on illegal soil mining.