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Rathana Thera’s plan to join UNP

The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) said today the Ven. Athureliya Rathana Thera had reportedly met the United National Party (UNP) leader and discussed about joining the party in violation of the MoU signed between the JHU and the UNP in 2015.

JHU Co-Chairman Ven. Hedigalle Wimalasara Thera said the Ven. Rathana thera had no right to join the UNP on the basis that he entered Parliament through the single slot allocated to the JHU in the national list as one of the conditions of the MoU.

“According to the MoU, the decisions on the national list slots can only be taken by the respective parties and as such only the JHU can decide on matters regarding its slot on the national list,” the Thera said.

Ven. Wimalasara Thera said the JHU was ready to take the Ven. Rathana Thera back to the JHU if he withdrew his decision to act independently in parliament