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Rs 25,000 fine for dumping dogs

Legislation is being prepared to make the dumping of dogs and pups an offence. People who dump dogs or pups in public place would be liable to a fine of Rs 25000, once the law passed, Minister of Provincial Administration Faiszer Musthapha said on Thursday (16).

He made the announcement when appointing an advisory committee on controlling the stray dog menace in public places.

Musthapha pointed out that the stray dogs issue has spread across the entire Island and is posing problems to all provincial administrations.

A number of animal welfare societies attended the meeting, held at the ministry auditorium.

Dogs straying into schools, hospitals, common market places etc. have become a nuisance to the public, and the Colombo 7 ladies who are in dog societies, have no idea about these issues, the minister claimed.

Steps are being taken to install CCTV cameras to identify those who dump their dogs and pups in those places, the Minister warned.