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UFOs over Dimbulagala Monastery?

A number of farmers from the Dimbulagala area claim that they saw rays of bright light from the sky over the Dimbulagala Forest Monastery yesterday (27) morning.

They claim that several objects, with flashing bright lights, descended near one building of the Monastery and then suddenly disappeared. A number of farmers who were guarding their cultivations against wild animals in Dimbulagala, Namal Pokuna, and Dalukona witnessed the same incident.

The Chief Incumbent of the monastery, Maduruoya Vijithalankara Thera said that aliens are known to visit this mountain from time. "There are many signs of them on the mountain. We have informed the relevant authorities, including astronomers," he said.

Meanwhile scientist Keerthi Wickramaratne said that even astronauts in international space stations have reported UFO sightings over the last few days. "Maybe a UFO landed near Dimbulagala. With new discoveries in astronomy we will learn many strange things in the future," he said.