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CID arrests two Navy men

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Thursday (2) arrested two Navy officers in connection with the murder of 11 persons, including five students in Trincomalee, after they were kidnapped from Colombo in the 2008-2009, sources said.

He added that 10 more Navy officers are due to be arrested shortly in connection with the killings.

He said, the main suspect in the case, who is continuing to abscond, will also be arrested.

The CID sources said that both, high level security and political figures, were continuing to scuttle their efforts to arrest the CID officers, who are alleged to be behind the murders.

He added that inquiries had revealed that the Navy officers had even abducted 28 persons, belonging to various communities, from Colombo, in order to demand ransom.

However, investigations conducted so far have revealed the involvement of the Navy officers in the killing of 11 persons.

According to sources, the CID believes that all of the abducted 28 persons, most of the Muslims, have been murdered.