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Colombo ranked best city to live in South Asia

Colombo was named the best city in South Asia in Mercer’s 2017 quality of living survey. Globally, Colombo was ranked 132 out of the 231 cities surveyed.

Mercer helps companies “compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments” by considering factors such as the city’s political stability, crime levels, economic environment, personal and cultural freedom, health services, standard of education, transportation, housing and environment.

Noted trends in the survey include the best cities coming out of developed Western Europe countries. Developing, unsafe and wartone cities appeared at the bottom of the list.

Singapore was ranked the best city in terms of infrastructure, which was a separate survey.

The rankings of other major South Asian cities are as follows -

Mumbai - 154

New Delhi - 161

Islamabad - 194

Lahore - 202

Karachi - 204

Dhaka - 214

The top ten cities are

Vienna - Austria (Vienna held this title for eight consecutive years.)

Zurich - Switzerland

Auckland – New Zealand

Munich – Germany

Vancouver – Canada

Dusseldorf – Germany

Frankfurt – Germany

Geneva- Switzerland

Copenhagen- Denmark

Basel – Switzerland and Sydney – Australia

The worst 10 cities -

222. Conakry – Guinea

223. Kinshasa – Democratic Republic of the Congo

224. Brazzaville – Congo

225. Damascus – Syria

226. N’djamena – Chad

227. Khartoum – Sudan

228. Part au Prince – Haiti

229. Sana’a – Republic of Yemen

230. Bangui – Central African Republic

231. Baghdad – Iraq