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Deraniyagala double murder

A 38-year-old man and a seven-year-old girl had been clubbed and stabbed to death, and a 40-year-old woman has been seriously injured and admitted to the Colombo National Hospital following a violent incident in a house at Imewatta, Maliboda, Deraniyagala around 7.45 pm on March 6.

Deraniyagala Police said investigations revealed that the incident occurred when the master of the house - Mahesh Bandara - found his wife having an intimacy with a man inside the house when he returned home at night. Bandara who was enraged on having seen his wife with an intruder had attacked everyone inside the house including the intruder, his wife, and daughter with a club and a sharp implement. The intruder and the daughter had died on the spot and the wife had sustained serious injuries.

She is now receiving treatment at the Colombo National Hospital. Police are looking for the suspect who had fled the area to arrest him.

Investigations are continuing.