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Lankan admits killing his roommate in Kuwait

A Sri Lankan man was arrested for murdering a compatriot woman by setting her on fire while she was sleeping inside an apartment shared by them in Kuwait City, a news item published by the Arab Times said yesterday.

The AT news story said: In a press statement issued by Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior, the General Department of Public Relations and Security Media explained that, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information about a flat on fire, securitymen rushed to the location with paramedics and firefighters.

A woman who was inside the burning flat was rescued and referred to Babtain Hospital due to the serious burns she sustained. However, she eventually died.

After firefighters extinguished the fire, securitymen examined the location and questioned witnesses, who revealed that they heard the victim shouting for help but were unable to help her because of the heavy smoke and fire.

They revealed that she was living in the flat with a Sri Lankan man. When securitymen tried to find the man, they realized he was missing. After intensive investigations, they managed to track him down and noticed that he had sustained burns on his hands and feet.

When questioned about it, he said the woman had committed suicide by setting herself on fire and that he sustained the burns while trying to rescue her.

However, securitymen were not convinced by his testimony and further interrogated him. He eventually confessed that he poured highly inflammable liquid on her while she was sleeping and then set her on fire.

In the process, he sustained the burns but he managed to run away. The suspect was arrested and referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action.