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Wimal calls off hunger strike

Leader of the National Freedom Front MP Wimal Weerawansa ended his nine-day hunger strike yesterday (30), by drinking a glass of milk.

National Freedom Front sources said that Weerawansa decided to end his fast after considering requests made by several parties, including the Maha Sangha.

Weerawansa was transferred to the Colombo National Hospital from the Prisons Hospital due to his deteriorating health, after a continuous fast, last Wednesday (29) afternoon.

The NFF Leader was arrested by the Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) on 10 January when he arrived to give a statement pertaining to allegations of misusing State vehicles.

A bail application filed on his behalf is scheduled to be considered by the Fort Magistrate on 3 April. Earlier, the Colombo High Court rejected a bail application filed by MP Weerawansa.

Chief Prelate of the Ramanna Sect, the Most Venerable Napana Pemasiri Thera, in a letter to Weerawansa, has advised him to give up his fast unto death campaign and live before resorting to drastic action on the spur of the moment.

The Chief Prelate, who in his own handwriting has told Weerawansa not to engage in fast unto death campaigns as it is futile to opt for such actions in the current political scenario.

He had informed the MP that if the latter wishes to work for the country and its people, he should consider his own health and then look to mobilize the Opposition against the Government.