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Doctors advise public : Avoid dehydration

Consultant Community Physician Dr. Kapila Jayaratne advised the public to drink more water and take more liquids (without alcohol or sugary drinks) during physical exercise to avoid dehydration due to the current heat wave.

Liquid intake should be over the usual amount and adding salt to food would provide adequate minerals, he said. He advised the public against being exposed to the heat or the hot sun.

Dr. Jayaratne pointed out that sunscreens can be used to prevent sun burns and blisters. The public, especially children, should limit physical activities to early mornings and evenings, he added.

The vulnerable groups are children less than four years, elders over 60 years, overweight individuals, those who engage in heavy physical activities and the sick. Skin rashes can be prevented by staying in cool places and keeping the skin cool. If children get sunburns, parents are advised to consult a doctor. Cramps can be eased by drinking minerals and resting. Some get heat strokes but it is rare in Sri Lanka, Dr. Jayaratne said.

Eye Surgeons’ Association President Maduwanthi Dissanayake said those with low immunity, including children, are at high risk of contracting eye infections.

Peadiatrician Dr. Deepal Perera said elderly people and children are the most vulnerable for dehydration and more attention should be paid to their health during this period.

Health professionals say that with the increase in temperature, the spread of viral infections and consequently eye infections, have also increased in the past few days.