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Was garbage dump collapse a ‘set up’

Deputy Inspector General of Police (IGP) Priyantha Jayakody had stated that investigations had commenced to ascertain as to whether the Meethotamulla collapse was due to natural reasons or a potential set up.

The Deputy Director of Disaster Management Centre Pradeep Kodippili stated that there were no such reports of a potential set up.

Jayakody further noted that the CID and a specialist team from the Geological survey and mines bureau, of the Peradeniya University, had been called in to investigate the cause of the collapse.

However, the engineering team, attached to the military, had been involved in relief operations following the collapse. The military spokesman Brigadier Roshan Seneviratne said the military engineering unit had not made any observations with regard to a possible set up and added that they were still trying to find out how the collapse took place. He added, "Some of the experts arrived last evening, and they too are assessing the cause of the incident. So far I have no information to clarify what the IGP has said."