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Woman who tried to bribe OIC arrested

A woman who tried to offer a bribe of Rs. 250,000 as part of a consideration of Rs. 500,000 to Sapugaskanda Police Crimes Division OIC Inspector Linton de Silva to release a heroin dealer, was apprehended by Police along with the money offered by her. The heroin dealer who was arrested at Davale Road, Makola, was brought for interrogation to the Police station around 1.15 am yesterday.

The arrest was made after explaining the gravity of trying to offer bribes to a disciplined Police force. The heroin dealer was arrested on information gathered from a suspect arrested at Makola with 100 milligrammes of heroin.

The suspect had confessed that the main dealer supplying drugs to him had been using a daughter of his mistress too, to accompany him in transporting the drug. The main dealer was arrested by getting him to Devale Road, Makola around 9.15 pm on April 10 using a decoy. As police pounced on the man, he had swallowed the heroin he had in his possession. The drugs were seized after getting him to vomit it out. The amount of heroin had weighed 2.200 grammes.

The suspects were due to be produced before the Mahara Magistrate yesterday.

Further investigations are continuing directed by DIG Kapila Jayasekara and SP Upali Jayasinghe under the direct supervision of IGP Pujith Jayasundera.