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‘Ecstasy’ smuggler nabbed

A suspect was arrested with a haul of the illegal drug 'Ecstasy', worth approximately Rs 7million, an Excise Department source said.

The suspect was arrested on Monday by the Special Operations Bureau under the Department of Excise.The suspect was a software engineer by profession, the source said, adding that 1176 pills of two specific shapes were in the suspect's possession when he was taken into custody.

The suspect, who was arrested near the Overpass in Nugegoda, is reportedly a large-scale drug dealer who acquires contraband via the Internet from Dubai.

The source said the suspect had been accepting orders for evening parties and delivered packages of 100 to 200 pills at a time.

A luxury jeep used by the suspect to carry this psychedelic drug to various places for delivery was also taken into possession by the Excise Department.